Agenda and board book Sept. 9 2015

Agenda and Board book August 25 2015

Agenda and Board book August 11 2015

Prof. Berliner says public schools are doing very well, thank you

Agenda and backup material for July 21 board meeting

List of 128 employees w GEDs or High School Diplomas

Agenda and Backup material for June 23 2015 board meeting

Realignment proposal from Dr. Linares 6-12-2015

List of follow-up raises for staff Level 1
List of follow-up raises for staff Level 2

Dr. Sorum's new rules for SCA administration Feb 2015

More administrator & central office salary increases Jan 2015

Board policies, Administrative Regs & other rules

Here is Mr. Boyette's letter enumerating the problems with SCAs.

Examples of poor SCA tests

Delivery of desks, tables and chairs

11-20 Bond Committee Laptop Refresh and New Contingency list

Here is one set of scores from the last SCA.

Here is the latest organizational chart

Reporting required by some Directors for 3-week tests

Memo with original data on minimum wage workers

Document "explaining" why minimum wage workers shouldn't receive 3% raises like everyone else

Proposed budget changes 6-17-2014

Stipend Comparison

Compensation Systems Design 5-13-2014

Explanation of testing regimen from Dr. Sorum and Ms. Arispe

2014-15 staffing ratios

Agenda for 4-8-14 board meeting and backup material available here.

  Schools of Choice get many applications; more space needed

Dansby agreement on crowding in Paschal Pyramid 7-22-13

List of 111 raises and notes​

     Statement to public on motion to censure

       Proposals for the 2013-14 budget

Too Many Teacher Absences, Not Enough Substitutes

Some Programs of Choice have long wait lists

FWISD's Bilingual Program

List of Fort Worth ISD testing requirements

FWISD Organizational Chart Nov. 2012

Links to selected documents