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Superintendent Evaluation meeting cancelled

by Ann Sutherland on 03/30/14

The March 31 meeting to complete the Superintendent's evaluation has been postponed according to a communication late in the week by President Moss.

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1. TiredOfTheExcess said on 3/30/14 - 06:29PM
Probably a wise move, given the fact that his refusal to settle with Palazzolo just cost the district 2.1 million dollars (the difference between what Palazzolo was willing to settle for before, and what the jury just awarded him).
2. Concerned Tax Payer said on 3/31/14 - 12:21AM
The total cost of the Palazzolo trial with all the expenses included might be over 3 million.The Superintendent should be held accountable for the outcome.This money could have helped a lot of students.
3. Ann replies said on 3/31/14 - 01:03AM
Mr. Palazzolo's legal fees will be between $600,000 and $800,000 by my estimate. When these are added to FWISD's legal fees, the total is likely to exceed $4 million. One way to look at $4 million is that it is 16,000 hours of tutoring.
4. lindalabeau said on 3/31/14 - 11:16AM
Fellow taxpayers if you really want to get upset about how fwisd spends money read the 2013 fwisd audit. If you add the district's squandering of legal funds to the malfeasance of fwisd administration someone smarter than me will have to do the computation. The board of trustees has a fiduciary responsibility to guard and protect public money.
5. Anonymous said on 3/31/14 - 02:27PM
Ann, I just wanted to thank you again for providing this forum. The Star-Telegram's new policy of requiring a Facebook account to submit comments has had a chilling effect on the number of reader's leaving such comments, as can clearly be seen on the Dansby article (which was far less thorough and informative than the FW Weekly's- an embarrassment for our paper of record). No school employee in his or her right mind would share their honest opinions about Dansby and his administration, based on his reputation for vindictiveness. I hope the other school board members are not swayed by the positive comments about him made by some FWISD principals at the last school board meeting. Who wouldn't speak kindly of their boss right in front of him? Have you gotten to see the District's teachers' survey yet? It has been over a month since it closed, so it should be available.
6. Ann replies to #4 said on 3/31/14 - 03:39PM
You are welcome. It has been helpful to me to receive feedback. I agree that the Star-Telegram's new policy does have a chilling effect.
7. CIAFWISD said on 3/31/14 - 03:40PM
Dr. Sutherland, here is the link to statements employees made to OPS which you may not have seen that shows the Arlington Heights problems from a while back. Go back and read the weekly article where you posted comment and see posting from cia.
8. CIA said on 3/31/14 - 03:40PM
Link: copy and paste below
9. cesar chavez said on 3/31/14 - 05:44PM
Why was there no announcement or mention of Cesar Chavez?
10. Ann replies said on 3/31/14 - 07:09PM
Good question, as today is his birthday. I guess the staff forgot, as this is a holiday in Texas, Colorado and California. My husband and I boycotted grapes as young parents in Berkeley; our son, who was born in 1963, ate his first grapes when Chavez signed his first contract.
11. CIA said on 3/31/14 - 07:16PM
created a blog to provide information. we support you Dr. Sutherland and we will be there at your campaign. You have stood up for all of us and we appreciate it.
12. Ann replies to CIA said on 3/31/14 - 08:16PM
I appreciate this very much although I can't figure out how to read the documents you have posted. Help your readers out. By the way--it has taken a long time to build up the readership on this blog, but the growth is solid and loyal. People appreciate the information and the fact that they can trust it.
13. Joke is on taxpayer said on 3/31/14 - 08:26PM
Only At FWISD can an employee be reassigned who corrected her own time more than 60 times. She should have been fired. What kind of message are you sending? You already have people in HCM coming and going whenever they want to. it is a known fact that the new employees replacing the old ones are no different. There is couple of them working online graduate program during work and are taking 3 hour lunches. This went on before. Check the leadership. You have bunch of people just twiddling their thumbs. What a joke
14. CIA said on 4/1/14 - 08:52PM
For the documents posted. highlight and copy the link and paste to your browser. The links don't go to the site automatically. I may try to revise somehow. Thank you for your patience.
15. CIA said on 4/1/14 - 08:54PM
all links work now.
16. tough questions said on 4/2/14 - 06:06PM
Thank you for your courage! All board mbrs need to ask tough questions so we wouldn't be in such chaos!
17. Anonymous said on 4/4/14 - 12:15AM
What's the current word about the "overtime" fiasco? Who is getting fired for that oops? It sounds like Dansby is downplaying the whole thing as usual. The million dollar overpayment blunder under Johnson resulted in the unjust firing of Araceli Chavez. I wonder who the scapegoat is this time around, to deflect the real responsibility away from Dansby. Dansby must leave and should not "Collect 200 when he passes go"! We are worst off than we were with Johnson. Surely there is a clause in his contract, which states if he is released under performance failure that he should not collect the remainder of his contract...or at least cut his overpriced salary in half.
18. Ann Replies to #17 said on 4/4/14 - 02:22AM
Agenda Item 14-B on Tuesday, April 8th Agenda is a discussion of the payroll audit. This discussion will be led by FWISD auditor Steve Shepherd. I am told the administration does not intend to terminate anyone over the audit.
19. Another Quesction said on 4/4/14 - 09:07AM
Is the person who falsified her time cards by saying she was at work when she wasn't, at least going to pay the money back? Surely we wouldn't let someone steal and keep them as an employee and not have them pay the money back. Right?
20. Ann replies to #19 said on 4/4/14 - 10:28AM
According to staff, 1) the time changes were made by the person's supervisor, not the person herself; 2) available records do not indicate the amount owed; and 3) controls have now been put in place in the case of the 41 employees that they can no longer change their own timecards nor approve overtime. These conditions should have been addressed following the 2012 audit, and in fact could still result in adverse personnel actions. Board members are not happy.
21. Anonymous said on 4/5/14 - 12:46AM
Dr. Sutherland, this has been going on for a long time, before getting caught this time around! You have to know the type of culture this district has championed for many years. The line staff see upper management cheat, so they think it's okay to do it too! This mindset is what has us at the bottom of the totem pole in educational standings. While I am on the subject of "mindsets", I read somewhere on a comment section that the Nutritional Services dept is up to no good too. Serving portions for a student in middle school are the same as in elementary school. The prices of food have also gone up, while the portion size decreases. Have you wandered in a cafeteria lately? The breakfast menus are pewny and repetitive. this is supposed to energize the students, enough to perform adequately in their classrooms? Someone needs to conduct a study on nutrition and the effects of poor school performance. The research is out there for the asking. Most kids are so disgusted with the food choices that all they eat are chips and gatorade, because some cafeterias are notorious for putting out outdated milks! Someone needs to conduct an internal investigation on the Nutritional dept and see if they are really spending what the government gives the district.
22. Concerned Taxpayer said on 4/7/14 - 07:22AM
It might help some of the folks in Ft.Worth feel better about the FWISD if they read what has been going on in Beaumont ISD.The FBI caught the comptroller stealing 4 million dollars.TEA is in the process of the State taking over the school district.
23. Flabergasted said on 4/9/14 - 10:36AM
According to the Star Telegram Walter Dansby has misled this district into the highest number of low performing schools in the state. Taxpayers / voters must make their voices heard via board members and ask for his immediate resignation, why was he given a contract until 2016 with no tangible results?

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