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Staff! Do not alter your time sheets!

by Ann Sutherland on 03/12/14

On March 3, the board auditor released a second assessment on our payroll procedures which indicates that staff are still altering their own time sheets.  This must stop!  Some office personnel are changing the entries for the time they work dozens of time over a six-month period.  

This is a form of fraud, which is a crime.  Our human capital management must put a stop to this practice immediately.

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1. Problem said on 3/12/14 - 12:36PM
The problem is with supervisors who do not review their employees' time cards before submitting them. Many fellow supervisors will blindly approve or give their login/password to their secretary to approve. Yes, it can be time consuming if you have many employees, but it is part of being a supervisors. Not sure how Human Resources can prevent it. They cannot check or know what time an employee from another department arrives or leaves. I don't even think that HR receives the time cards for all of the departments. The supervisor of the employees who are changing their time cards need to be held responsible. From what departments are these supervisors? Theat would be interesting to find out.
2. Ann replies said on 3/12/14 - 01:04PM
The audit says that time cards are being changed after they are submitted--sometimes massively. During one review of elementary and middle school office staff, out of 169 days, seven had 75--115 adjustments; five had 50-75 adjustments and 13 morehad 25-50 adjustments. These are made after the times are logged in, probably to extend the number of hours worked. We also have one individual who has changed her time sheets dozens of times after she logged in or out over a period of nearly five years, using a supervisor's pass code.
3. Staff said on 3/12/14 - 01:51PM
Let's hope these employees no longer work for FWISD. The only way to change it after being submitted is if the payroll secretary at that campus or the supervisor is making the changes. Have they been reprimanded?
4. Ann replies said on 3/12/14 - 02:48PM
The audit report does not report any terminations or any reprimands whatsoever. This is a follow-up of a 2012 audit report citing the same problems.
5. C t said on 3/12/14 - 03:22PM
Hi Mrs. Surtherland. Thank you for reporting this to the public. Can the public view this report? Isn't this what happened with police officers and they were all fired? Can the public be reassured that the employees who stole are not there anymore? I can't believe these are the kind of people we hire for our schools.
6. Ann replies said on 3/12/14 - 04:03PM
I'm pretty sure all of these people are still employed; to my knowledge none has been terminated. I think the policemen were turning in extra overtime. These are people who, it appears, are coming in late or leaving early, not clocking in or out, and then coming back later and filling in their time, or changing it later. The report should be requested via our legal office. email and ask for a copy of Audit #1308.
7. tax payer said on 3/25/14 - 12:54PM
Audit dept p.o.'s and find out more discrepancies!

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