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Now's the time to tell TEA about testing

by Ann Sutherland on 04/08/14

TEA is distributing a questionnaire all school principals who are to distribute it to teachers.  It requires 30 minutes in one sitting to answer and must be completed by May 31.  If over 50% of teachers in a school respond, TEA will report results to the schools.  Here's the notice from Tx School Boards Assn.:

TEA to Distribute Survey on Teaching and Learning Conditions
TEA is releasing an upcoming statewide survey of teachers and administrators on school teaching and learning conditions. The Teaching, Empowering, Leading, and Learning (TELL) Texas Survey – which officially opens on April 7 – will gather information on how teachers and other educators view the teaching and learning conditions at their schools.
The TELL Texas Survey is part of House Bill 2012 passed last year by the Texas Legislature, which requires the Agency to develop an online teaching and learning conditions survey to be administered statewide biennially to teachers, principals, counselors and other school-based professional staff. The anonymous survey will provide valuable data for schools and districts to use in improvement planning.
The survey will be open from April 7 to May 31. A separate survey of school superintendents will occur later this year.

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1. Just Curious said on 4/8/14 - 03:30PM
Ann, Will our Para-Professionals (TA-Pre-K Assitants) be allowed to take this survey?
2. Troubled Texas Teacher said on 4/24/14 - 06:41AM
The following emails were received by our district's principals and forwarded to all faculty early this month, just a day after we had been given our confidential access codes. Over two weeks into the survey, only 3 of this district's 600+ educators have responded. Is this happening all over the state? From: XXXXX, XXXX Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2014 12:39 PM To: XXXXISD Principals Cc: XXXX, XXXX; Knowles, David Subject: Teaching, Empowering, Leading, and Learning (TELL) Texas Survey Importance: High Dear Principals, I know you are very busy with testing, but would you please let me know if you have received from TEA information on the TELL survey? I will be speaking with Mr. [Superintendent] this afternoon, and he will want to know if you’ve received this information. Please let me know if you have any questions. More details will be forthcoming. Thank you, XXXX XXXXX XXXX, Ed.D. Deputy Superintendent XXXX ISD (XXX) XXX-XXXX ________________________________________________ From: XXXX, XXXX Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2014 6:12 PM To: XXXX ISD Principals Cc: XXXX, XXXX; XXXX, XXXX Subject: RE: Teaching, Empowering, Leading, and Learning (TELL) Texas Survey Dear All, I spoke to Mr. [Superintendent] this afternoon and concluded that we will not participate in the voluntary survey. As such, you are not required to do anything further. Should you have additional questions, please let me know. Thanks for all you do! XXXX XXXX XXXX, Ed.D. Deputy Superintendent XXXX ISD (XXX) XXX-XXXX
3. Ann replies said on 4/24/14 - 08:19AM
I don't think so. Are teachers receiving this survey?
4. educator said on 5/24/14 - 05:31PM
I learned about this survey through your blog. I printed the page and showed it to my Principal but she never gave the staff the surveys and never addressed my questions about it. Teachers I told about it were looking forward to completing these surveys as they do not trust the District surveys in fear of retaliation (the survey is not anonymous). It is wrong that we did not have the opportunity to complete the survey and help our work environment

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