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Notice to readers: I am holding some comments

by Ann Sutherland on 04/09/14

Readers, normally I post comments immediately.  However, I have received a couple of charges of lawbreaking in the last few days.  I am holding these comments pending a review of the legality.  I will publish them soon but I think we need to give staff a chance to respond when officials are accused of breaking the law.

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1. Gregory Martinez said on 4/9/14 - 08:30AM
Anne, If the district attorneys - the same ones who threatened you are threatening you again it's because Dansby and his minions monitor your blog and any truth which is very damaging which they can suppress is a victory. You have not allowed them to bully you don't start now. They can not bully someone who is not afraid of them. Anne you speak up when others won't or can't, you are a trailblazer. The comments about rampant nepotism are true you can ask for the documents, anyone can via open records, Dansby, Ray, Sanchez, and many more are hiring their families into the district. This is why they hired that principal from Dallas who believed in doing the same at her high school, then under public pressure let her go.
2. CIA said on 4/9/14 - 04:09PM
Stalling tactics and tantrums just because they know they are wrong. Can you look into an audit on purchasing. I think you can find a lot of information on how money is used. Some schools apparently can't buy school supplies because there is no more money.
3. Confused said on 4/11/14 - 05:02PM
I'm confused. So, having a forum that allows FWISD employees a place to openly discuss real issues is illegal? Oh, and we can do so without fear of retaliation and this is "breaking the law?" I'm thinking it's more like BRILLIANT! No where else in our district can this happen. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the people with the accusations are guilty and don't want the public to know their secrets. Big news flash, most everyone already knows and you just look ridiculous trying to save face. Those who are oblivious to the bullying, lies, deceit, nepotism, intimidation, theft, and overall ineptitude are living in a bubble or just brand-new to our district! The people that collect the most pay in our district are never held accountable for despicable and often illegal behavior. I hope that one will have the courage to do the right thing for FWISD. Leave a real legacy that makes a difference for the better.
4. Ann replies said on 4/11/14 - 05:48PM
I'm sorry for the delay in responding to you. There is no legal problem with the blog or our conversations (I think they are protected under the first amendment, in fact). But I am concerned that allegations against staff be presented here without any review of their being correct. Instead, I've forwarded them to our legal office for review. So, to repeat, I won't post comments which allege illegal or unethical actions by named staff before their veracity can be established.
5. Faithful Reader said on 4/12/14 - 08:06AM
I’m very concerned because the FWISD is unable to replace district-issued laptops that are beyond repair. Several teachers in our building received new laptops earlier this year when the laptop used with their Promethean board was declared unfixable. A teacher whose laptop stopped working earlier this month was told that there are no more replacement laptops available this year. I don’t know if this due to a deficiency in finances or in planning. A situation like this puts additional stress on a school’s limited technology resources. The laptops we received during the first rollout of Promethean boards are getting very old. I realize we’re having to do more with less because of drastic cuts in state funding. Would a walk through the FWISD Administration Building reveal hardships comparable to those experienced in FWISD classrooms? Is anyone at 100 N. University being told that non-functioning technology can’t be replaced until next year?
6. Ann replies to #4 said on 4/12/14 - 07:02PM
I will check on this.
7. What I know said on 4/15/14 - 09:52PM
CIA: Hank Johnson and his department have asked that schools buy supplies by a certain cut off date. This may be the "pinch"they are feeling. This was Mr. Johnson's effort to cut off expenditures, enabling school employees to learn to budget and plan appropriately, and give a clearer projection of monies available.
8. No Strings Attached replies to #3 said on 4/19/14 - 07:37AM
Okay Ann, I usually am encouraged by your willingness to tell the truth even when you're in the minority! Are you seriously going to tell me that you need to verify that Mr. Sanchez is indeed our Assitant Superintendent's son or that he now holds a director's position? I can't imagine how difficult it must be to be the only board member speaking out but, if not you, then who? I also know first-hand what that means in our district. I've served on CERC, DERC, & SBDM and I've been extremely outspoken for our teachers and students. Well, that's not very popular with our district I know. 3 years applying for an AP position but, I couldn't even get an interview. Stellar record, undisputed, with more than 10 years in the classroom too. Does that deter me? Not really! Tell the truth and at the least, you'll feel better.
9. Ann replies said on 4/19/14 - 05:33PM
The nepotism statutes are more complicated than one might think. Basically, it is illegal for the district to hire a person who reports to someone who is related by the 3rd degree of consanguity. But if the person is already hired, there is no issue. It would be illegal for the superintendent, for example, to hire a relative, but it is not illegal for a relative who was already hired and who did not report to the superintendent prior to his appointment as superintendent to be retained. There are also details relating to re-hires. None of this speaks to whether the individuals are the best qualified, of course, just whether it is legal. I did check about individuals whose names were given to me.
10. No Strings Attached said on 4/20/14 - 07:03AM
Wow! Well, surely the board must think that at the very least it is unethical! If FWISD continues such shady practices, we will continue to get similar results. It's so disgusting to have these politics in education!

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