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Board meeting to include payroll audit report, other items

by Ann Sutherland on 04/07/14

Tuesday's meeting will not include the superintendent's evaluation. That is likely to occur next week. Although the deliberation will be in executive session (and will not be divulged, by law), any changes to his contract will be voted on.

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1. CIA said on 4/7/14 - 06:54PM
Dr. Suherland, will the board vote in public? I would think they would. We need to see who votes.
2. Ann replies said on 4/7/14 - 07:05PM
Yes. All votes must be public. The law requires us to make our decisions in public (which is what the votes are anyway).
3. just wondering said on 4/8/14 - 01:16PM
This is a little you know why the district no longer allows retire/rehire employees to purchase benefits that are available to all other employees at FWISD through payroll deduction(ex: life ins, dental ins, salary protector, etc)? The district is actively recruiting these folks -- doesn't this fall under equal pay for equal work?

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