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Videos set the mood at Woodway Elementary

by Ann Sutherland on 01/24/19

I don't think I've ever give a shout-out to a single school but I will now.

 Principal Bryan Johnson's tenure at Woodway Elementary several years ago began with his asking for large-screen TVs to place within sight of the front doors.  Each month, he changes the videos which are of Woodway students, and now Woodway classroom teachers have access to software enabling them to take photos of the children and activities in their classrooms, at which point they are available to the students and their parents via a link online.

I hadn't thought of the power of video to inspire the staff and students at Woodway but they (plus a lot of other hard work!) have changed the atmosphere at the school for the better.

And their scores have risen for 3 of the last 5 years, according to Dr. Roger's presentation last night.

Woodway had been a somewhat challenging school.  It is wonderful to see the change wrought via all the staff's video and  interest in our students.  Thank you, Woodway Wildcats.

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