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THIS is education's most serious problem. Can you guess what it is?

by Ann Sutherland on 12/16/18

Do not miss this story.  I most remember our loss of Mr. SM, told to resign after he was beaten up TWICE by students at his school.  Of course a neighboring district grabbed him up because he is such a great teacher and cares so much for our schools.

THIS should be the #1 issue in the next FWISD board election.

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1. Reader said on 12/16/18 - 11:41AM
Well I can say that in Texas, it is LEGAL to record any gathering or meeting, public or private, as long as ONE person person being recorded knows about it. The other parties do not have to know. I looked it up because I record people who record me. I tell you this because I had a bully problem at Daggett Montessori. They knew who was doing it and everything he was doing, yet they took YEARS to make anything happen. They had no proof, they said even when 10 other students gave the same story. Even when I saw him do something while had to be a teacher or staff member to catch him at it, they told me. That is plain rubbish and not at all how the legal system works. The result is this kid terrorized several other students, not just the autistic ones, in a school where people wait in line for years to get in. IOW he had a home school he should have been sent to in 4th grade and they did not kick him out until 7th. In my opinion, he was in someone else's place who would have acted with appreciation of the privilege of being there. The school needs to advocate more for the victims and be less afraid of the bully's parents' possible legal actions for properly reprimanding a child who is learning to believe he has it made with his actions as they are. And do this while the child is still in elementary school and still moldable in social behavior. The system did this boy, and all the kids he bullied, a disservice. But mostly him, because the behavior he got away with is now entrained. Start there to deal with this; by high school it is too late for an easy solution. This boy will probably be in and out of trouble with the law because his third grade teacher had her hands tied and unable to do him, or his victims, better by the system.
2. Discipline !! said on 12/16/18 - 03:25PM
Last week, my child was punched multiple times. I received notice from a teacher. However, I was not contacted by a principal until I requested a call. Even then, I was not satisfied. My child actually did nothing to provoke the fight. I no longer feel like my kids are safe in this district. I'm deeply disappointed that I wasn't called by admin that day. The student's behavior shouldn't be blamed on the teachers. That sort of behavior happens in a matter of minutes. Once they saw it, they stopped it. At this time, I'm still deciding whether or not to remove my children from this district.

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