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The reaction to Dr. Scribner's evaluation

by Ann Sutherland on 12/13/18

There were parents at the board meeting . . . and after . . . who are upset at the district.  Here is what one wrote about our $15K bonus and 5-year contract:

We got a C from the state. Worse than Dallas ISD. But yet again, the Board voted to give Dr. Scribner a raise, this time to the tune of $15,000.

I guess the only way to get a decent raise in this district is to be mediocre at your job.

I need the Board to stop blaming the state for the lack of sufficient raises and results in this district. The state ain’t changing. It’s time we did. Cut the fat downtown. Take a hatchet to the bureaucracy. Outsource what needs to be outsourced (such as our miserably inefficient payroll department). And stop giving everything to students for free. Put that money in our classrooms and our pockets. You’ll attract better teachers and see better results.

And stop rewarding mediocrity. Especially among the top brass.

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1. Disappointed said on 12/16/18 - 03:19PM
I was disappointed to hear about his new five year contract and bonus. The progress that he claims were made are inaccurate. The achieve program is a hoax. The program is not teaching then to read. Teachers are teaching students read.

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