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Some schools not reporting crimes to police as required by law

by Ann Sutherland on 10/26/18

We had a particularly ugly scene at Wedgwood Middle School last week, reportedly only the latest of a fairly large number of student disturbances.  Two students got into a fight and in the middle of it, one hit the principal.  

DID YOU KNOW?  State law requires a police report when a crime is committed.  

Four board members asked the Superintendent to tighten things up.  Please leave me a comment if you have kids committing crimes (like hitting) without police reports.

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1. You are a board member said on 10/26/18 - 07:29PM
You are board member,so insist these admin are fired. They are not following your approved board policy and the law!
2. CJMMGS said on 10/27/18 - 12:59PM
I want to comment on Pacific Education Group (PEG) as it relates to this incident and what I have seen at Saint Paul Public Schools. 8 years ago under the superintendent then, Valarie Silva, she started to instill PEG philosophy into the schools. PEG was paid over $4 million in a 6 year period. Unbelievable!! Basically, it got to the point where students were hitting teachers and could basically got to the point where Silva was fired. SPPS as of last week has severed all relationships with PEG and is not focusing on equity internally. I know FWISD has just recently started using PEG. I can tell you where it ends up in about 5 to 6 years. PEG is not the way to go. PEG teaches the concept of student has just had bad influence. I personally think the best thing for students is discipline. Under PEG methodology, nothing will happen other than "circle time" when a student hits a teacher. Here is some links to articles if you would like to read related to PEG at Saint Paul Public Schools
3. CJMMGS said on 10/27/18 - 11:48PM
It's not just at SPPS where PEG has instilled a methodology that does not work. Google - "Pacific Education Group does not work" SPPS has created it's own methodology around equity and diversity and guess what, things are working out better. Some things have to be resolved within the community...this is one of them. PEG and Peterson who is over PEG is all about making money off of peoples emotions...and white privalege...which by the way is not real. The issue poverty...not race.
4. Ann replies said on 10/28/18 - 08:30AM
The schools are becoming out of control with this "discipline" model. Especially bad was the idea of having an 8-period day in the middle schools. This means 7 times a day, plus before and after school, kids are in the halls. The staff cannot maintain adequate control. One of the first things Superintendent Dansby did was to reduce the number of periods in our middle schools, which reduced the risk of fights and other forms of misbehavior. Dr. Scribner is hopefully beginning to require reporting to the police of criminal acts, such as assaults (against whomever). I hope people will let me know if this is not done.
5. frd-up said on 10/28/18 - 11:40AM
As long as the district is buying in to this restorative discipline model things will only get worse. You can't continue to tell a child that there behavior is ok and we just need to talk it out when their behavior towards all adults, parents and teachers, is horrible. When students drop the f-bomb daily on any teacher or staff, or turn their backs and walk away daily to teachers and staff, it's time for that child to go to OCI or home or both not go to a councilor and talk about their feelings. I see this behavior everyday at my school and because the number of administrators was reduced by a 1/3, they are completely overwhelmed. The district needs to go back to a 6 period day and restaff the schools so that we can deal with the multitude of disruptive students and teach those that come to school to learn.
6. how do we communicate complain? said on 10/28/18 - 08:16PM
More of this! this came from the twitter account from Professional learning and innovation. I have complained before about fwisd employees using their positions to post for FWISD and ALSO for thier own political opinions. I don't care if one is republican or democrat, but anyone who brings their views in a manner that influences pethe district is inappropriate. see oct 22 allthatchitchat sharollyn chitwood. I care. I vote. Do you? We need someone who advocates for everyone—not just high-interest lobbyists. Get out and vote. We. Are. Texas. #VoteForBeto #BetoForTexas #EducationForAll #Midterms2018
7. Behavior said on 10/28/18 - 09:06PM
I wish that I had already known this as a new educator. At the elementary level, we have these issues. I realize that a child must be 10 but these kids need to be held accountable.
8. Safety Concerns said on 11/3/18 - 10:18AM
A parent recently told me that her daughter is afraid to go to school. Students have been bringing knives to school. The metal detectors have not been installed. I'm not sure about the school location. Safety should come before public relations. A high school teacher also told me that they were told to document violent behaviors in 360 rather than refer them to the principal. That way, it looks better for admin. Please do something about this because I'm seriously questioning whether I want to continue sending my children to this district. We all know that districts don't want to lose the well behaved children with good scores but some of these children/teens are out of control.
9. Ann replies said on 11/3/18 - 11:00AM
As I said above, failing to report assaults or other crimes violates law. However, I have reported incidents that are on video several times to Dr. Scribner and to Assoc. Supt Dr. Washington. I have not received any reports back. The 360 is a record-keeping software and does not take the place of the requirement that law enforcement be contacted. I can find no evidence that the superintendent is either concerned or involved in the review and management of the serious crimes occurring in our district. He has padded the district office with people who were previously reporting to the principals. Their hands are relatively tied in that their efforts are met with resistance in the staff above them. I have complained about this at the board level but no one is interested in taking action. i've also asked Dr. Washington for help. Nothing. You can draw your own conclusions about the advisability of remaining in our district (although, FYI, last year a record 9,000 kids transferred out--which is the REAL reason our enrollment is declining.
10. Accountability said on 11/18/18 - 01:06AM
Why not just show up at their office and sit there until you get answers. I am sure they cannot ignore you then.
11. FedUP! said on 12/5/18 - 11:02PM
Over the past couple of years, the trend of a lack of discipline supposedly because of dictation from the Admin building has made this district a place where I would not want my children to go. The disruptive, disrespectful behavior from students towards the adults in the schools has gotten to a point where FWISD continues to lose great teachers, parents are moving to private schools, and the students are now running things because they know whether it is bringing drugs, getting into fights, cursing at and striking teachers, nothing of a severe nature will be done to them. This restorative justice crap is just another step into Californian our Texas. Of course, when the board votes to continue paying the superintendent twice what the governor if this state makes AND gives him a $10,000 bonus, perhaps the problem lies with the leadership of the board. It is obvious that they do not care or they would have sent him back to Arizona and found someone with Fort Worth and Texas values. I would say disgraceful, but this has been going on for years now so it appears it is business as usual.
12. Ann replies said on 12/6/18 - 10:27AM
I have to agree with you; also there are increasing reports of assaults on Anglo children. I dealt with one yesterday that the admins knew nothing about. RE the evaluation: On the three major categories, the Supt received TWO "Below Expectations" and ONE "Meets Expectations." The newspaper report was all about things that were not on his evaluation. It's evident the Superintendent is not ready to revisit the so-called Restorative Discipline. The $2.0 million project was adopted without any evaluation of previous programs' successes.

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