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Restorative Discipline and other reforms found to worsen school climate

by Ann Sutherland on 03/28/19

Major study of NY city public schools:  Climate "deteriorated rapidly" when schools were prevented from suspending students without central office approval.

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1. Curiouser said on 3/29/19 - 10:43PM
Restorative discipline could work but you have to have some main components for it to do so. First, you need buy in. Second, you have to actually train your faculty and staff in RD. And a 40-60 minute presentation about it, is not training.
2. CJMMGS said on 3/30/19 - 07:32AM
FWISD contract with Pacific Education Group (PEG) will lead to classroom disruption. The issue is not race but poverty. PEG tries to make great white administrators, principals and school boards feel guilty well...for being white... He feeds on the emotions and makes millions of dollars. What students of color (and poor) need more than anything is discipline. Life is not fair, it is competitive and tough. Students need to learn to survive in a capitalist society where its tough and unfair. And thru hard work they can survive.

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