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Reader asks for more information on special ed

by Ann Sutherland on 10/07/18

It's beginning to look like this year will focus on special education.  I will ask for this information:

Thank you for this information.  However, it would be more helpful to know how  
the positions were allocated to begin with.  Of the "47 slots," how   
many were for certified Special Ed inclusion teachers, how many for Special Ed  
self-contained classes, then teacher assistants, etc.  How many of each type of 
slot are allocated for elementary, how many for middle, and how many for the    
neighborhood high schools versus the specialized programs of choice?  Also note 
that dyslexia teachers are not available to the Special Ed students.  They      
serve students under 504 plans.  It would help to know the campuses to which    
these additional teachers have been assigned.  Your campus charts under the     
Information tab showed where cuts were planned.  How is the $3 million in new   
staffing offsetting the cuts?

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1. CJMMGS said on 10/8/18 - 10:36AM
Special Ed allocation is usually based on case loads of teachers. Since that is the case, case loads should be used as the driving metric for deriving the plan and tracking during the year. My question is if SPED teachers are being used for regular classroom, does that effect revenue. Also in the budget process, using the "pool method" vs "actual position" method is a great way to do an initial allocation of resources. Why? In reality when the budget is put together initially you don't know where the SPED students and therefore caseloads will be at the start of school year. In the case of SPED, the pool method also helps when it comes to doing revised budgets and monthly projections.
2. Delete Names Please said on 10/8/18 - 05:32PM
Ann, we see the report on your Information tab. Please delete the names. You said you would not post these. However, several of the names are people that already worked in FWISD last year. Maybe they were subs, and now the positions are permanent?

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