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Principals are not to re-direct Special Ed teachers away from their assignments

by Ann Sutherland on 10/10/18

Have an anonymous person call Dr. Sheffield, head of Special Ed, at 817-814-2833 and she will call the principal and tell her to stop.  This is not in the job requirements of the special ed staff.

Thanks to the reader who posted this question:

Is it legal for a Special Ed teacher to be pulled out for an ARD meeting during school hours when the teacher is supposed to be providing minutes of   
instruction for a child specified in their IEP?  If all of the other students   
are receiving instruction why are the special ed students with IEPs not         
recieving instruction because the SPECIAL ed tecaher is in an ARD? Also, the    
Speech specialist is in on these ARD meetings during school and she is not      
providing her services specified legally in the paperwork for her students. She 
is supposed to provide services but she is not during ARD meetings or speech    
meetings. Should these meetings need to happen after school to not violate the  

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1. How is this not? said on 10/13/18 - 01:55AM
How is this not in the job description? Our special ed teacher ALWAYS attended ARD. meetings during the instructional day.
2. Accountability said on 10/25/18 - 01:47AM
This happened at my school. I can guarantee this happens at most if not all schools. I am telling you, a board member. I do not see why I should have to risk my anonymity to report to someone I do not know or trust that this is a widespread problem. I say this with respect. Just go to a school and flat out ask the diagnostician or Principal if it happens at their school.

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