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Palazzolo wins $2.4 million in whistleblower case

by Ann Sutherland on 03/27/14

Joe Palazzolo, who was transferred a bunch of times after he reported wrongdoing and then was fired, has had his day in court and won enough money to compensate for his lost income through his remaining working years and his retirement as well.  

Here are two links to the FW weekly write-up:

FWISD trustees voted 6-3 to fire him after he reported fraud and other problems at Arlington Heights HS.*  I voted against firing Palazzolo because his personnel record was clean until the district went out to dig up reasons for firing him.  In addition, the many supportive letters sent by Arlington Heights HS teachers were intentionally withheld from the school board during our deliberations.  

Palazzolo's attorneys subpoenaed these teachers who came forward with their views, as did Sharon Herrera, who testified that she was required to change information on documents surrounding his work.

The attorneys also subpoenaed me and I told what I knew.  The district attorneys threatened me during my testimony (for which they were criticized by the judge) and at other times.  

I will be running for re-election next year.  I will need the support of those of you who live in District 6.

*This case has a lot of parts.  Without going into too much detail, I can say we actually fired Palazzolo twice because TEA made us reinstate him after we refused to follow their orders after the first hearing.  The second firing was 9-0 as all of us wanted the resolution of the case to proceed and none of us was willing to go through a second hearing.

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1. FWISDConcerned said on 4/4/14 - 09:18AM
FWISD better not take it out on the teachers or personnel that had to testify. If they do, it just shows truly how evil people can be.

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