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No new legal actions from FWISD on Palazzolo case

by Ann Sutherland on 03/04/19

The earlier comment re spending on the Palazzolo case is mis-directed.  The ORR requestor asked for all expenditures from the Brandt firm, but did not single out requests on this old lawsuit.  Any payments to Brandt's firm were for other purposes.

Counsel did return the call on the same day but from a 512 area code number which I did not answer.

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1. Voice said on 3/5/19 - 08:43AM
What an interesting, yet sad reversal of position. Having READ the ORR, the appeals to the AG on behalf of FWISD by both law firms, and the rebuttal to the AG by Palazzolo's attorney I will simply say you should have researched these for yourself. You are once again mis-informed and thus are misleading readers. Again, falling FAR short of your responsibility for oversight. Perhaps you could tell us what "other purposes" Brandt's firm was paid for; when this expenditure was proposed to the public; when you and the Board publicly discussed this expenditure; when you opened this proposal to public comment; and finally when you and the Board voted to approve it. Thank you.
2. Ann replies said on 3/7/19 - 05:41PM
Here is the ORR. 1. Please provide copies of documents that pertain to each and every motion to appeal any and all parts of Mr. Palazzolo's $2.4 million judgment since March 26, 2014 up to and including January 31, 2019. 2. Please also include each and every legal expediture or payment for services to Fanning, Harper, Martinson, Brandt and Kutchin, P.C. law firm and any of its personnel. Please include the FWISD identified budget source from which any such expenditure or payment was taken from (Note: if budget sources are identified by code, please provide the necessary legend that identifies the budget source.) So: #1 we do not have expenditures or motions after the 2014 date. As I have explained earlier, the liability is TASB's. #2. Again, the question does not isolate the expenditures for Mr. Palazzolo.

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