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Nearly one-quarter of our teachers feel unsafe at work; 2/3 say restorative discipline isn't working

by Ann Sutherland on 01/10/19

Thanks to UEA for keeping at the climate survey.  Here are some of the results:

Q20. Discipline is enforced consistently and effectively at my campus. 
   Strongly agree 10.38% 135 
   Agree 25.44% 331 
   Disagree 31.36% 408 
   Strongly disagree 32.82% 427 
   Answered 1301 
Q21. Unruly students are not permitted to disrupt the learning environment.  
   Strongly agree 8.53% 111 
   Agree 24.96% 325 
   Disagree 30.49% 397 
   Strongly disagree 36.02% 469 
   Answered 1302 

Q22. Additional behavioral supports are available from our school system for students who need them. 
   Strongly agree 10.90% 140 
   Agree 40.26% 517 
   Disagree 29.75% 382 Strongly disagree 19.08% 245 
   Answered 1284 

Q23. Restorative Discipline practices have improved discipline at my school. Strongly agree 7.75% 87 
Agree 25.73% 289 
Disagree 32.95% 370 
Strongly disagree 33.57% 377 
Answered 1123 

Q24. I feel safe at work. 
Strongly agree 22.21% 293 
Agree 54.06% 713 
Disagree 16.45% 217
Strongly Disagree 7.28% 

Comments (6)

1. Worry wi said on 1/19/19 - 08:52PM
We have big problems at our school. Our principal has been disrespected There are lies being told about our school. What can the board do? Governance training will not change anything. We have been lied about. t
2. Ann replies to Deeply Disappointed said on 1/20/19 - 01:30PM
Call your school board member. If s/he does not return your phone call in 48 hours, work to replace him/her. Four seats are up in May: Moss, Jackson, Needham and Sutherland. If it's one of the others, mention it on another comment.
3. worry we said on 1/24/19 - 04:52AM
It is not one of those people you listed.
4. Ann replies said on 1/24/19 - 08:31AM
Let me know the school
5. Anonymous said on 2/9/19 - 10:54PM
Discipline is so out of control. The students know that they will just be returned to class after fighting. They are not held accountable for their behavior. Scribner needs to do something about it rather than ignoring it.
6. Curiouser said on 3/2/19 - 10:34PM
Maybe, just maybe, if the district decided to do something fully instead of half-assed, this program could have worked. Which schools received full training in restorative discipline instead of watching an eight minute video and have some people who have done it come talk to you for a few minutes and all of a sudden “We’re a restorative discipline campus everyone!” This type is thing is so typical in Fort Worth. Now, RD will get a bad rap when no one knows if it really works or not because no one was fully trained in it.

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