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Legislature hears about the STAAR misalignment. Some are upset.

by Ann Sutherland on 03/08/19

Readers will remember my earlier post on the national story that our STAAR tessts are not normed on national standards.  To the extent they actually measure the level, the norms are TWO YEARS above a given student's grade level.  The AFT reports on a hearing last week:

"On Tuesday a thorough hearing was held on the misalignment of STAAR tests to curriculum standards and STAAR's impact on students and districts. The extensive testimony ranged from substantive discussions on the difference in performance of students on national tests, to the emotional stories of parents and teachers who have been frustrated by a less-than-fair test of grade-level skills. While there was no resolution in the committee, several members seemed shocked by the degree to which STAAR is intended not to measure current grade level aptitude, but rather to be predictive of future post-secondary and career success."

And my hunch is that assertion of its predictive ability is a little exaggerated; norm referenced tests do not do this particularly well.

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