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Interruptions to middle-school math classes

by Ann Sutherland on 03/28/19

Interruptions to Instructional Days in Math 2018-2019

Total Student Days = 176

Non-Instructional Days

            First week of school (First 5)                                      5 days

            MAP Testing   BOY                                                   4 days

                                    MOY                                                   3 days

                                    EOY                                                    3 days

Interim Assessments (4)                                                         8 days

Benchmark Testing                                                                 4 days

TELPAS Writing (class samples)                                           2 days

College and Career Readiness Curriculum                             3 days

Play Days (fundraisers)                                                           2 days

Suicide Awareness                                                                  1 day

Math Pullouts for 7th grade (wonderful by the way)              5 days

Social Media safety                                                                1 day

STAAR                                                                                   3 days minimum

Finals (Fall and Spring)                                                          10 days

2 Teacher tests/6 weeks (required by district)                        12 days

2 Teacher quizzes/6 weeks (required by district)                   12 days

Total full non-instructional days                                         78 days/176 possible days = 44%

            Not included in this accounting are the interruptions that only affect some students, and interrupted class time that is not a full day.  Examples include: district requirements for Band, Choir, and Orchestra that impact other classes (which total at least 24 days, mostly during Feb/Mar), absences (students and teachers), field trips, assemblies, course selections, online testing for TELPAS, and many other minor disruptions that add up to even less real instructional time, especially as we try to prepare students for STAAR.


44% of student days, which is the equivalent of nearly three 6 week periods, are non-instructional, which conversely means that only 56% of student school days are potentially instructional. This issue is compounded by reduced instructional time per class each year for the past 3 years (4 years ago classes were 71 minutes in length), and a gap in math skills as evidenced by incoming STAAR data. Core classes determine our academic rating and school funding. We are required to teach our scope and sequence, and more, with less time each year, and the expectation of better results. This is not reasonable given the time reductions to core academic is not reasonable given the time reductions to core academic classe

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