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Here are the Special Ed positions, as requested.

by Ann Sutherland on 10/09/18

Dr. Sheffield responds to the request on the number of classroom teachers:

Sixty (60) % of the positions are classroom Teachers and Teacher Assistants’ positions, assigned  mostly  to self-contained Special Education classrooms on regular campuses  across the district.  The remaining forty (40) % of the positions are positions for specialized staff (Evaluators, therapists, vocational and behavioral specialists) who provide services directly to Special Education students as written in their Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). As you are well aware, many Special Education students need more than just Teachers and Teacher Assistants; they also need specialized personnel to meet their various needs.

Thanks to Dr. Sheffield for providing this iformation.  

As of Sep 19, about 1/4 of the positions were unfillled. 

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1. Question about Ann's Post said on 10/10/18 - 07:50PM
Is it legal for a Special Ed teacher to be pulled out for an ARD meeting during school hours when the teacher is supposed to be providing minutes if instruction for a child specified in their IEP? If all of the other students are receiving instruction why are the special ed students with IEPs not recieving instruction because the SPECIAL ed tecaher is in an ARD? Also, the Speech specialist is in on these ARD meetings during school and she is not providing her services specified legally in the paperwork for her students. She is supposed to provide services but she is not during ARD meetings or speech meetings. Should these meetings need to happen after school to not violate the law?

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