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Goodbye and the blog's continuation

by Ann Sutherland on 05/09/19

"The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things . . ." *

Next Tuesday, Anne Darr will be taking my place and I will be retiring.  I made this choice for two reasons:  (1) my health and (2) a growing fear that improvements in the district are beyond the ability of board and management.   It's time for others to try. 

Words cannot convey how much I appreciate very much the support and approval you have given me through these nine years; it was a perfect captstone to my life in education.  

I will continue to post on the blog at least through June, and possibly longer, depending on the availability of information.  

I wish you all well.  Carry on.  It matters.
*Apologies to Lewis Carroll

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1. from a FWISD teacher said on 5/11/19 - 06:18PM
I appreciate your years of service. I appreciate your courage to ask the "hard questions" of the central administration, and make them have accountability for their decisions and actions.
2. Middle School Teacher said on 5/11/19 - 07:19PM
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all you have done for our district. In a world where teacher voices are stifled and children are not the focus, you have remained a steadfast supporter of what it really takes to create top schools: put the children first and trust the teachers. You battled the top heavy structure of FWISD and have paved the way for the fight to continue. I pray first for your health and secondly for your continuing efforts in a new role. Though I know Anne Darr is going to be amazing, we still need you! Best wishes!!!!

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