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Management audit reveals up to $69 million in cost savings

by Ann Sutherland on 04/23/19

Tuesday's board presentation featured a set of major cost-saving actions which would would afford up to $69 million that could be better spent. Here are the highlights:

--$11 million, ($2.9 million too much in curriculum development; $5.1 million too much in data analysis, $2.9 million too much in travel)  Recommends 90 consecutive minutes of collaborative planning time for tested core teaching teams weekly.

--$22 million extra expenditures on schools of choice, too many curriculum choices in non-core secondary courses.  Special criticism of YMLA, YWLA and WLI which are funded $4 million above comprehensive high-school levels.  Leadership Academies funded at $8.8 million extra; IR s and Dual Enrollment funded higher.  Possible utilization through high schools.  These three programs are seeing significant student growth.

--$12 million: Community outreach  three different counseling initiatiaves; two departments for parent engagement, too many contracts sfor software.

--$18 million:  Streamline Central Resources provided to schools.

--$6.3 million:  Central office: curriculum development, parent & community relations and career and academic counseling.

This evaluation of our operations is on the "information" page.  Now it's time for the new board to set some deadlines.  Otherwise there will be no action.

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1. fitos said on 5/6/19 - 09:09AM
Did evaluation of YMLA, YWLA and WLI factor in students being educated over a 7 year timeframe (6th-12th)? These are middle and high schools.
2. Ann replies said on 5/8/19 - 10:42AM
The district does not record this data like this.

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