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Expenditures from federal funds for staff development are decreasing

by Ann Sutherland on 02/20/14

I've been concerned for some time about the expenditures for staff development, and recently was able to obtain the following data. These are federal fund expenditures only and do not include the cost of teacher time.  (Source:  email from Elsie I. Schiro, FWISD Senior Financial Officer, 2/19/2014)

2010 $9.9 million federal funds (partial year)

2011 $24.6 million

2012 $24.7 million

2013 $18.5 million

2014 $6.2 million (7/1/13-12/31/13 only)

A 2012 assessment I did suggests that expenditures for teacher time are approximately $28 million additional.  This is truly a staggering sum of dollars.  That data is at SutherlandforSchools.org/substitutes.html.  This includes the costs of teacher time when students are not in school.  Superintendent Dansby reduced the number of these days by 2 for the 2013-14 school year.

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1. just a question said on 2/20/14 - 08:25PM
How much does this average out per each teacher in the district. Please quit taking teachers out of the classroom for training. So tired of my kids coming home almost daily talking about subs in their classes.

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