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Dr. Scribner, secondary principals to revise 8-period day --in 20-21

by Ann Sutherland on 03/22/19

Well, we will have to stick it out one more year, but then there will be these plans as Dr. Scribner shared with the board this morning:  He writes to the principals:  

"Here is what I heard you say:

·       We are already well into a planning timeline for the 2019-20 school year.  The Master Scheduling Process began back in January.  Students have already selected courses and schedules are already established. Our school calendar and “start & end” times have also already been established. A shift to a block schedule at this late date would impact both of these.

·       Budgets are already allocated to campuses for next year and you are in the process of assigning those dollars based on student course selection.

·       We are four months away from the start of school, and a change to a block schedule requires more detailed planning.

I heard your concerns and will support your collective voice that the answer to changing schedules is not “No” – rather, it is “Not yet.” 

 Starting now, we are making plans to develop and implement a revised schedule in 2020-21. 

Here is what I heard you say that we will collectively address in those plans: 

·       We will design and deliver additional training for teachers to effectively teach in a 90-minute instructional block. 

·       We will adjust the curriculum to provide teachers with plans for 90-minutes of instruction. 

·       We will evaluate the impact of block scheduling on specialized programs (Athletics, Fine Arts, CTE) and will work out a plan to ensure these programs are not short-changed. 

Additionally, I will direct our Leadership Team to facilitate a high school bell schedule committee and a separate middle school bell schedule committee. 

Here is the bottom line – the most important part of this letter. With the agreed-upon year of planning comes high expectations:

 ·       It is your responsibility to work out a plan to effectively implement the schedule changes in 2020-21 for your individual campuses.  

·       The plan should include a consistent message for our teachers, students, and students’ families. 

·       It is also your responsibility to tell us what resources we need to provide you in the planning period leading up to the implementation year. 

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1. CJMMGS said on 3/30/19 - 07:35AM
FWISD planning process should be dynamic and integrated enough to derive an adjusted plan for FY20. Kicking the can down the road is all that is happening here. A site toolkit integrated with metric based business rules is the answer for dynamic and integrated. FWISD planning solution is fragmented and is in Excel...you won't be able to get there for FY20...FY21...etc. with 1) the wrong functional planning methodology and 2) the wrong technology.

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