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Dr Scribner, put the money in the classrooms, not in the bank.

by Ann Sutherland on 05/23/19

Put the money in the classrooms, not in the bank!

A year ago I presented data showing that the percentage of funding controlled at the school site was decreasing, resulting in a shift of $24 million out of our schools in the budget year..

A lot of the money that is coming out of the schools is going into the bank:  according to the summary presented last night by Steven Poole of UEA, reserves have grown by $50 million.  Last year we had $71 million more left over than projected when the board approved the budget in June of 2017 (though $23 million was unspent funds from the bond which passed mid-year).

It's not just wasted money.  Some is being used to "train" teachers in day-long 6-week sessions for many purposes, taking them away from the children taxpayers want them to teach.  

Then we end up with insufficient substitutes.  One-fourth of all substitute requests are for this "training".  

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