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District plans more major cuts in secondary core classes UPDATE 5/6/19

by Ann Sutherland on 05/03/19

As of today, the board has not received data showing the portion of the projected 2,000 student reduction is in total district enrollment.  But we do have some data on staffing cuts  

Hard to believe after the disastrous reductions the last two years in our secondary schools, but the district plans  to reduce staffing in secondary core classes by another 30 teachers (data is incomplete for the remaining secondary school staffing) .  Especially hard hit are:

  Arlington Heights HS -5.5 teachers
Eastern Hills HS -6.25 teachers
Trimble Tech -7.5 teachers
Western Hills HS 7.5 teachers
YMLA -.5 teachers

Enrollment data for our secondary schools (grades 7-12) is unavailable at that time, although--get this--according to the March 26 budget workshop we are losing 2000 students.  In the past the enrollment reductions are at the PK-6 level and secondary school enrollments have increased; however, this data was not supplied.  

Preliminary review of elementary staffing shows minor reductions in the number of teachers also.

Meanwhile, according to the March 26 presentation, expenditures for education are projected to increase by $13 million and a deficit is projected of $61 million, although these are projected to change depending on budget decisions in Austin.  (UPDATE:  the April budget presentation shows more revenue and a reduced deficit but no changes in the number of staffing cuts or projected enrollment.)

Remember that the efficiency audit says we are spending too much in the central office, especially in the curriculum area.

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1. MGSCJM said on 5/7/19 - 06:24PM
This is really easy to resolve...if you focus on the students in the middle in planning process instead of teachers in the middle. The reality is urban schools will not be transformed until corporate executives get involved in collaborative planning...they are the ultimate "customer" of students...they know what they need from students who graduate Most board members and education executives don't know what is needed in corporate America.

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