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Corrected data on Per-student cost of small schools: almost 40% more.

by Ann Sutherland on 03/19/19

President Jackson mentioned at the last board meeting that some board members have concerns about the differential cost of our choice schools.  Here is the General Fund data projected last spring for some smaller choice schools for the 2018-19 year.  Note that this excludes expenditures that are budgeted outside of the school sites.*                                    
School                        Enrollment    Total cost   Cost per student (site only)
Como Montessori             318           $2.738,000            $ 8,610
Daggett Montessori          491             3,300,000               6,720
YWLA                              394             3,462,000               8,787
TABS                                398             2,578,000               6,477
YMLA                              386             4,118,000              10,668
World Languages             390             4,047,000              10,377
STEM/VPA                      200             4,123,000              20,615
    TOTAL                      2,577        $24,366,000            $  9,455  
The data for the entire district budged for school sites (including admin and supporting services) is:
                                     85,838      $584,500,000            $ 6,808
We are budgeted to spend almost 40% more on the special schools. 

Between the 16-17 actual and the 18-19 budget years, school site spending went up $16 million while central office spending increased $31 million*

Thanks to the two readers who alerted me to the issue. I also added the cost of Daggett Middle School.
(a) Enrollment from district school-by-school planning documents.  These are presented on the "information" page of this website at positions 7, 8 and 9..  
(b) The total district enrollment number (85,838) is from the June 5, 2018 budget presentation..

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