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Class size DOES matter

by Ann Sutherland on 10/14/18

I'm getting tired of having administrators assert that class size doesn't matter.  I received this from a teacher this weekend: 

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1. CJMMGS said on 10/21/18 - 07:41AM
Class size does matter but it also depends on other student metrics and demographics. The distribution of funds also comes into play. Example is using your comp ed fund dollars for further equalization. To determine the "correct" class size, you have to start with your budget process and move toward student achievement/outcome based planning and not Academic ROI which the school district is "trying" to do currently. Academic ROI will never work because you will never get people to agree on "achievement" which is part of the equation.
2. CJMMGS said on 10/21/18 - 07:47AM
One more note...FWISD had a very large central administration. It is very difficult to explore a better model for deriving the optimal class size when the administration is so large. Why? Because as central administrations does politics and bureaucratic mentality. No room for creativity when you have a large top-down instead of flattened administration. So linear...smaller administration leads to creative thinking...which leads to "what-if" analysis...which leads to optimal class size based on student demographics. Simpliciy is the ultimate sophistication - Einstein
3. forthekids said on 10/22/18 - 05:07PM
Class Size is embedded in the teachers contract of this school district. Everyone knows expectations upfront. And the class size is included in the calculation of the operating plan.

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