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Budget produced huge shortfalls in secondary staffing. It must change. UPDATE

by Ann Sutherland on 10/12/18

School by school and teacher by teacher data are now on the Information tab.  Including core and elective courses,  these cuts involve an overwhelming number of secondary students at some point during their day. The added work plus mid-year staffing shifts destabilizes the quality of school life for staff and students.

Last year the budget reduced staffing in secondary core classes by 100 teachers . . .  this year by another 150. They also increased the number of assigned teaching periods in some schools by requiring all to offer eight classes.  As a result, this year 151 of our core teachers and 102 elective teachers are staffed beyond the plans.  (Some of these have extra teachers (like Band and some P.E. classes), and many of the classes are over by just a few.)  

Staff is adding 29 slots (see the top item on the information page for the schools and courses).  Five are filled as of today.

Please note that we are reducing secondary staffing where enrollment has increased by 434 students while retaining almost all elementary staffing even though we have lost almost 2000 students (that is almost 100 teachers . . . .).

I believe this overcrowding in our secondary schools delivers a crushing blow to our school climate,one that will not be easily alleviated.  We already have trouble filling our open teacher positions, which is part of the reason we are eight weeks into the school year with these vacancies.  At any time we have a number of long term substitutes filling in because we cannot find teachers in a timely fashion.

These reductions are part of a five-year plan to increase class size.  At the present time, Dr. Scribner and staff are refusing to say will stop this  have plans  to continue reducing the number of teachers into the new three or four years is profoundly regrettable.  

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1. Voice said on 10/12/18 - 11:48AM
Since we are talking budget - Just wondering when or if you will respond to my previously posed question as to the millions the Board is spending on legal fees in an attempt to wait out Palazzolo. How was this budgeted? What was the name given for this expenditure? When was it open for public discussion? When was the public vote? As previously provided courtesy Raul Duran's ORR to the Tarrant County D.A., your own attorneys represented that FWISD had spent $1,294,195 in legal fees to TASB attorneys as of 08/01/2012. That did not include the approx. $500,000 paid to Walsh Anderson and others (as reported by Betty Brink). Classroom dollars at work. It is now 2018.
2. Regrets are inevitable said on 10/17/18 - 07:24PM
When this blows up in their faces, they will regret it. His previous scores won't turn out as expected. I pray that this doesn't create a safety issue. Teachers will be likely to suffer from burnout. When you become a leader, you do what is best for the people not yourself.

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