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ANNE DARR for school board!

by Ann Sutherland on 02/18/19

I'd hoped for a strong candidate to take over my seat on the FWISD board when the time came for me to retire and I am thrilled to have Anne Darr step up to the plate.  She's a former elementary teacher and now special ed consultant for Region 11.  She's a real Texan whose kids who have gone through our schools--one still at Paschal and another at TCU.  She was even a Teacher of the Year! 

If you want another board member with real commitment to teacher needs and solid gold credentials, ANNE DARR is your choice.  Check out her website at  You will be amazed at her accomplishments.

Comments (3)

1. Teacher said on 2/20/19 - 10:51AM
When is her fundraiser? The other two are republicans and not good for educators.
2. other candidates said on 2/20/19 - 05:22PM
Lisa saucedo is not a republican. I don't know who the other candidate is
3. Teacher blues said on 2/24/19 - 03:16PM
Ask Lisa why she voted in last Republican primary. Get real! Ann Darr is an educator and a special ed consultant! We need to protect public education.

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