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Agenda backup material for April 8 meeting

by Ann Sutherland on 04/04/14

The agenda backup material for the April 8 meeting is available here: 

The file is 78 pages long and will take time to load.

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1. No Strings Attached said on 4/4/14 - 11:09AM
Ann, Currently, I'm working on a project and I'm trying to locate the recording of Dansby discussing Palazzolo. Specifically, the Board's closed meeting that was leaked and put on YouTube. They have all been removed however, I'm hoping that someone has a copy or can advise me where to find.
2. Anonymous said on 4/4/14 - 02:37PM
3. cia said on 4/9/14 - 07:24AM
You can also go to where you can find the transcript of the recording.
4. No Strings Attached said on 4/14/14 - 05:31PM
I can't find the transcript of the recording. I went to but, cannot locate any transcripts from the board meeting of Dansby talking about getting rid of Palazzolo. Could you please help me locate this information?
5. Ann replies sto #4 said on 4/14/14 - 06:06PM
I couldn't find it either. Help, someone?

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