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2018-19 Staffing Ratios

by Ann Sutherland on 12/19/18

The 2018-10 staffing ratios are on the information page now.  They are the top item.

The data for each school is listed #6 on the page.  This was put out last spring.  Following this, 168 of the secondary core positions and 32 of the secondary electives were returned, minus 46.5 taken back (again), leaving a total of 153.5 positions reduced from the staffing levels listed in #6.  this data is not presented here.  

On October 10th, the district decided to return some core and elective positions.  They are #4 on the list.

Staffing data for each school is retained centrally on the Focus software.  However, it is hard to extract in a meaninful way because in many cases teachers are teaching more than one class in the same hour.

If you have complaints they should be based on the staffing ratios, #1 at the top of this blog.

Comments (8)

1. CJMMGS said on 12/27/18 - 12:13PM
So using the staffing ratio for High School, how do you get from the ratio in your "information" to say the Carter Riverside High teachers for FY19 shown in "2018-19_Middle_and_High School_Staffing_Projections" at your information link. You show 34 Core, 8.1 Fine Arts, 12.5 Elective, 2 JROTC and 5 CTE. I assume you apply the ratio first then determine which areas to apply the teachers. Then you do the cuts. The only thing is there was quiet a few cuts for FY19 Budget...so it appears you move away from the logical ratio shown by at least 33%. How are the cuts decided outside of the staffing ratios might be a better question?
2. CJMMGS said on 12/27/18 - 12:21PM
And Benbrook Middle High School went from current students of 1589 to projected students for FY19 of 1711 and still had 3 core teachers cut. Trying to understand that one...it tells me there is alot of high level cuts going on outside of the ratio logic.
3. Ann replies said on 12/27/18 - 01:00PM
I think the staffing should still be within the ratios. I checked the staffing ratios at South Hills earlier this month and the teacher staffing levels seem to be within the guidelines. I believe a major issue in this district is that there are too many competing interests. (When I was in California last, there were actually over 1000 add-on programs!)
4. CJMMGS said on 12/28/18 - 09:05AM
For what it is worth...I agree with you. Managing the budget begins not with allocating the FTEs but finding the optimum curriculum for the students. Sure you can offer Japanese and Astronomy and whatever. But in reality, the highest academic ROI when looked at long term for career, college or military is making sure that all students have the basics...that is all they really need to compete at the college level as an example. I went to TEA website about 6 months ago and could not believe all the classes offered in the FWISD and the teacher to student "actual" ratio for some of them. In our day and time, we try to "entertain" students to much. Need to go back to mentality of the 70s...when I was in school...and just got the basics. It's carried me so far in my college and career. An no it has not changed. Teenagers today will 1) change careers at least 8 time and 2) half the careers they will have have not even been invented yet.
5. CJMMGS said on 1/1/19 - 10:24AM
What I am trying to figure out is if the staffing ratio is "the right" staffing ratio...how is it that FWISD still has budget deficits and uses $50 million of bond money to overcome the deficit. Does not make sense. Your staffing ratio for sites + allocation to district programs should equal a "balanced budget". What I will do for $200,000 is provide you the staffing based on class size, enrollment and student demographics for which I will not list here. The last 4 times I have given info that Saint Paul Public Schools does...Elsie Schiro the CFO has tried to take it and make it her own Think about it...for $200,000 you can have "equitable" balance budget for next 5 years...do the math 200,000 / (50 million * 5 years). Should be a no brainer.
6. CJMMGS said on 1/2/19 - 10:03AM
Check the audit. We ended up with a significant surplus. https://www.fwisd.org/site/handlers/filedownload.ashx?moduleinstanceid=4554&dataid=41054&FileName=Fort%20Worth%20ISD%20CAFR%206-30-18%20Final.pdf
7. Anonymous said on 2/9/19 - 06:49PM
Hello, I just heard that the TABS program has been cut at Stripping Middle School. Parents were not notified. It is too late to apply for the programs of choice. Will the 7th graders be allowed to finish middle school at the campus? Lately, it seems like all we are doing is cutting positions and programs.
8. Ann replies to Anonymous said on 2/10/19 - 02:31AM
I am wondering if you might be mistaken. It is listed as continuing next year. Let me know if I am mistaken.

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